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She Multiplies…

A woman is an incubator
God designed the female to be an incubator
Her whole body is incubation
An incubator is something that gives life to everything.
Whatever you give an incubator
It gives it life then gives it back to you
Whatever you give an incubator
It multiples
Then it gives back to you
That’s why women must be careful what they listen to
Who they listen to
And what they hear
Because women incubates everything
If you give a woman a word
She gives you a sentence back
If you give her a sentence
She gives you a paragraph
If you give her a paragraph
You are going to get a book
If you give a woman one sperm
She’s going to give it life
Multiply it
And give you a baby
You give her a house
She gives you a home
Makes it beautiful
Mutiplies it
She makes you a beautiful home
You give her groceries
She gives you a meal
You give her frustration
She multiplies it
And gives you hell
A female is an incubator
That means she receives information
She expounds it
And she gives it back to you
A female never keeps anything
Incubators do not keep anything
They may hold it for a while
But you will eventually get it back
And it would never come back the way you gave it
It comes back multiplied
A woman would be under pressure for twenty years and then one day, all of a sudden, she goes crazy on you
She curses you and throw stuffs at you
She incubates everything
So if you give a woman gossip
You know when the bible talks about gossip
It usually refers to the female
Why is it that a woman destroys with her mouth?
Because a woman keeps multiplying stuffs
So women if you want to be a good wife
Make sure you receive the right stuff
Because whatever you receive
You are going to multiply it
And you are going to give it to your husband
So if you are on the phone talking all day to a woman who’s divorced and you are not
If you are talking all day to women whose marriages ain’t working all the time
And they are talking to you
They are going to get into your womb
And then your husband comes back
And you start speaking negative things
And suspicious things to your husband
When in fact you’ve been receiving that junk from your friend on the phone.
No wonder why, Peter said, women be like Sarah, live a quiet life, don’t be noisy, don’t be gossips
You’re an incubator
You produce what you listen to.”

* * *

This words were sent to me by a friend through a Digital Grace…Be inspired video. I liked it a lot, so I shared it. To me, this words are true and i see a lot of it happing around me.



Writer, avid reader, love living life to the fullest.

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