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Fiction Collaboration

Happy Valentine!!!

So I have been off the blogosphere for a bit of a while, but I’m here with something nice to share. I have successfully collaborated with nineteen other amazing bloggers/fiction writers to bring to you The Fiction Key Up.
Now what’s that?

We are planning a 20 episode short story piece centered on life issues as
Every episode, every week will be taken by a new blogger/fiction writer. Now that’s exciting. All thumbs up to the host of this collab, Omotolaniee @
Are you ready for something different and outstanding? Yes? I thought so.

This collaborating will bring to you a jaw dropping fiction piece with different dimensions as each episode comes. You know when a piece start and then you just can’t guess what happens next because it will be taken up/written by another person? I don’t think you are ready!😂

Every Thursday, a new episode will be taken up by a new writer till all 20 episodes are done. I’m a bit late in sharing this news, don’t mind me because the first two episodes have already been published but have no fear, I’ll be sharing the links so you can read them.

Don’t miss out. Share. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

* * *

Episode one by Omatolaniee

There was a dead man laying on the rug, and Armani stared at him, unshaken , with a smug smile, feeling content and working out ways to make this look like what it wasn’t: A suicide…There were different versions of the story, some said she had bouts of madness where she would suddenly talk to herself and make spontaneous decisions on who to kill, ….None of these stories fazed Hadjia, only she knew how much she loved her dead baby.

Read more here

Episode two (Blackout) by


She opened her eyes, seeing the white light above her, hanging from the ceiling. To her right, was a kitchen knife tightly locked within her fist. To her left, Jaleel on the floor, drenched in his own blood, his eyes wide open and looking towards Armani. Read more here

* * *

Enjoy!!! And Hold on to Nessa👄




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