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How To Survive The Harmattan

Tis the season to be jolly, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, Who else is exited for Christmas. I know I am. Over here, that means the harmattan season is here to stay. Harmattan is that time of the year when everywhere gets really dusty and dry and chilly. The nights and morning are usually cold. This is what we love most about it. The afternoon are dry and sunny and the evening are usually cool and dusty. I’m not complaining but the harmattan, it leaves your skin dry and rough. Don’t forget white and sometimes cracks start appearing in your skin but we will survive.

Here are simple everyday ways to get by during the harmattan

1. Body oil – a must: Applying body oil to your skin this season is a must to combat against the dryness of the hamattan. Baby oil, shea butter, Vaseline is a yes this period.

2. Lip Gloss; a necessity: Never make the mistake of leaving, your lip gloss/ lip balm / chap stick home. It should always be in your purse. To keep your lips moisturized, if not it will end up dry and cracked and start looking like one of a fever patient. Don’t let fifty shades deceive you, licking your lips every five second is not sexy.

3. Socks? Yes, Yes: Socks are a must this season to prevent your feet from being all white and dry when you go out.

4.  Water: Like I always say you don’t have to be thirsty before drinking water. By that time you’re already dehydrated. Make sure to always take a can of water every where you this dry season. That’s what I do.

5. Sweatshirts: This period, the morning is undeniably cold but if you are a lazybum like me, you can just cuddle in bed all morning but if you have places to go, then sweatshirts / jackets are a yes to keep yourself warm. Make sure its something you can conveniently pull, if the weather becomes hot later.

6. Skip the white powders this period, you don’t need it.

7. Open Fires? NO!: Unfortunately this period I have had to watch two cars on different occasions get burnt to ash. What starts as a little fire ignites really quickly because of how dry and. windy the season is. I’m thankful no life was loss but other stories I’ve been hearing hasn’t been so good.
People also have the habit of burning dirts outside at night which is totally unadvisable. So lets stay safe this season.

* * *
Am I forgetting something else? Lemme know.
What’s your favourite thing about Christmas 🎅? About the holiday? Don’t overthink it. Please tell me in the comments. Pretty please with cherry on top. I don’t know what’s wrong with my WordPress app, I’ve been trying to upload a picture all day but nothing is working. What to do?
* * *

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Justice League Movie Book Tag

I have always wanted to do a book tag. I’m a fan of The book Cover Girls blog, so when I saw she created a book tag and I thought why not? So in anticipation for the release of the movie and because we love all things superheroes presenting the Justice League Movie Book tag.

The Rules:

  • Copy these rules onto your post
  • Mention creators of the tag:Angelica and Rosie @TheBookCoverGirls and link to the original post 
  • Mention and thank the person who tagged you and link to their post
  • Answer all the questions
  • Since there were originally seven members in the Justice League, tag 7 people
  • Also, you can use the images provided, but don’t have to if you don’t want to
  • Have fun with it!

Batman: You favorite anti-hero

I’m the kind of girl that actually likes Villains. My favourite right now is Cercei Lanister from the Game of Throne series. She’s ruthless, totally badass, fiercest and she would do anything to protect the people she loves, even burn Kingdoms to the ground. Though I find the fact that she sleeps with her brother very and utterly disgusting. I would never be in support of that. 

AquamanA book or character that turned out to be better than you expected (because let’s be real, we did not expect Khal Drogo to make Aquaman cool)

Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey. This is one of my favourite books now, but I didn’t expect to like it that much when the book started with Audrey’s mother acting crazy and threatening to throw her brother’s laptop out the window. Anyways, Kinsella did a great job with this one.

Wonder Woman: Most badass female character (not necessarily in a physical way through

Rose Hathaway of the Vampire Academy. I love Rose and I think she’s totally badass with her never ending sassy comments, fiercest loyalty and did I mention she kills Strigoi like flies.

CYBORGFavorite science fiction novel

I don’t really read a lot of Science fiction novels and if I do, I end up not finishing the series, most times. So I ll go with Veronica Roth’s Divergent.

The Flash: A book you sped through

There are a lot but I’m letting Stephen Cybosky’s The Perks of being a Wallflower win this one. The novel is brilliantly written and I got emotional reading it because I felt so much for Charlie.

Superman: Saddest character death (although we all know there’s no way Superman is going to stay dead)


Jojo Moyes’Me Before You. Will’s death made me cry. And I felt worst when I read the sequel and discovered he had a daughter. I get the reason why he had to do it but it still wasn’t enough.


Anyone who wants to do this tag. Remember it’s just for fun, so don’t over think it.

Have you read any of these books? Do you plan to? Tell me what you think about anything and everything.

Have a lovely day,


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Giveaway (Hip, Hurray)

Hey book lovers,

If you are like me, then you just love adding a new book to library and try not to get overwhelm by the fact that you haven’t read half of them.

 Stellar kittens book reviews  is celebrating 200+ followers and is giving out a free book to a lucky follower. And it’s now open to her international followers which means she send an eBook through your mail. But if you reside in the U.S, then you get it delivered to your doorstep. Now that’s cool.


For more on the giveaway, click on the link Giveaway and get a chance to win any of this book. You can make a choice. And she’s already written reviews on most of them. So check out her blog.

If you don’t know her, Stellar is a book blogger and is really good at what she does. Her blog is very beautiful and organized, you have to definitely check it out.

The Giveaway ends Midnight November 5 PST. So hurry.

Have a lovely day, guys.

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Hey guys, how you doing? Hope September is working out the way you plan. I have been nominated for the Back to School Tag by Claire. She has an amazing blog. She writes a lot of poetry and short stories and you should totally check it out. So thank you Claire @ Claire Yang writes. This is my first non award tag, so I feel good about it. Though I would apologize for taking a while to get it done.  It also came at a perfect time. Though I think the high/secondary school semester has already started or is starting real soon but I’m entering the University this year, my first year by God’s grace and the semester is starting later this year. Probably November, I can’t say for now.

So here are the rules for the tag:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you. (#shamelessselfpromo)
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Post new questions. (Or a blank copy of the old questions, if you’re too lazy to make your own (or you just love my questions))
  4. Tag as many (or as few) people as you want. (Try to make sure they’re still doing school!)
  5. Wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. (I can’t confirm this, BUT I’LL KNOW IF YOU LIE, OKAY? MAGICALLY!)
  6. Don’t die. (Death is terrible for the complexion, dearie)

Her Question

    1. What do you look forward to most this school year?

    It’s going to be first year in the university, so I’m looking forward to the whole ‘college experience’.

    2. What do you look forward to most this school year?

    Definitely staying in the hostel. I’ve gone to check them out and the rooms are real small and you have to share with like four other persons. I’m so not looking forward to that.

    3. What are your goals for this school year?

    Basically to work hard and mostly, to be able to properly manage myself.

    4. What is your favorite and least favorite subject?

     I haven’t started yet, so I can’t say. However, I’m the kind of person even back in high school who does well to like all my subjects/courses.

    5. What are some things that you would like to see change this school year?

    It’s going to be my first year and i want more than anything else for it to treat me well.

    My Questions

    1. What do you look forward to most this school year?

    2.What do you look forward to most this school year?

    3.What are your goals for this school year?

    4.What are some things that you would like to see change this school year?

    5. What would count as a distraction during studies?

    6. How do you plan to deal with them? 

    So I nominate the following bloggers to do this tag.

    There wasn’t an official logo for this tag, so I made mine. You can use the same or create yours too.

    Alaina @ an infinite book world


    thr undomestic writer

    Tanya @ glamitupwithtc

    Simple Ula

    Elizabeth @ not so perfect student

    and anyone who wants to do this tag. Just link your answers back to this post.

    {Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag if you’ve done it before or simply don’t want to }

    Wishing you a lovely day. 

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    Dear Diary,

    I remember the first time I decided to keep a diary. I was nine or ten year old, I had just watched the Barbie Diaries; Barbie with a diary that she thought was magical because everything she wrote in it came true. So I told my elder sister, she was a year and half older than me. So we cut off papers and sew them together. She painted the cover for me and drew lovely stickers on it. It was great but I could never maintained it.

    I didn’t write what back then I thought was a secret because I thought why try so hard to keep something to myself only to write it down and someone comes across it and reads it. So I stop keeping it.

    Two years past, I try the diary thing again, I would write out random things like what I did, what I ate, how school treated me, but I still didn’t write what back then I thought were secrets in it like who I crushed on because I thought what if one of my sisters, or mum or dad come across it. I try to write random things on it everyday but some days, it slips my mind and I forget. I thought there were important things I should be doing rather than sitting here writing some stories that might come not to mean anything later. So I stopped.

    Last year, I started again. Why? I thought this time I’d write out what I felt about what happens. I discovered then that the pen couldn’t really capture exactly what I felt and sometimes when I sit down to write, I find out I can’t remember how I felt.

    The thing is, life is so vast and I think  its a human nature to try to capture and keep every moment. Except that, we can’t. As human grow older, memories fade and we find ourselves grasping blurry images. But it doesn’t stops us for trying. Though there are those days or moments we can’t ever forget, forever imprinted in our minds.

    So am I against keeping diaries? No, no, of course not. I will probably start writing one again. When? I have no idea.  I keep the former ones and when I read then, I’m hit with flashbacks of stuffs that happened back then and I smile.

    In the words of Ed Sheeran,
    “We keep this love in a photograph
    We make these memories for ourselves
    Where our eyes are never close
    Hearts are never broken
    And time is forever frozen still.”

    So no matter how some of us might criticize social networks; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they have given us a place where we can store and share these memories.

    It doesn’t matter how you do, (Writings, Pictures), it’s all, a Dear Diary.

    * * *
    Quote of the day

    “Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond your problems”

    Look beyond your problems, Let God take control, Be happy.

    With love,

    Nessa. 💕

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    The Music Tag

    Ever heard the saying “music is life”, am sure we all have. I think one of the things everyone in the world has in common is the love of music, the only thing that varies is the type of music we prefer to listen. Dont will all just love sitting in a couch and listening to that crazy jam that makes us tap our feet and shake our heads. So I am participating in the music tag hosted by
    katrin @ – my cup of English tea

    The Questions

    • What sort of music do you like to listen to?

    I listen to a lot of music, most times I choose them by the lyrics. If I like the story in the words. However, I would say pop, gospel, a bit of rock.

    • Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?

    I don’t for now but I would really love to learn to play the piano \ keyboard.

    • What is your favorite quote about music?

     Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” – Victor Hugo.

    • Who is your favorite singer/musician?

    I really can pick one and most times  it isn’ t about the musicians to me but the songs they sing, so I will say I love  a lot of Travis Greene and Hezekiah Walker songs, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, the chainmokers (am crazy about their music), Little Mix, Sia, a bit of Katy Perry.

    • Who is your favorite songwriter/composer?

    I don’t really have one. I don’t listen to classical music

    • What is one musician or composer you secretly like but won’t admit it?
    • Hmmm, am really open about my music preferences.

      • If you had to get stuck on a desert island with only three works of music, what would they be?

      Probably a lot of Travis Greene and Sia

      • What kind of you music do you dislike?                                                Hip hop and rap songs that talk about nothing much but sex, drugs and sex. But I am cool with rap on a normal ground.

      So that’s its, your turn guys, I nominate everyone who listen to a song in the last two days (probably everyone).

      Tag me and link back to this post, display the music tag image, and nominate as many people as you’d like. If you want you can also add more questions.

      Here are a recap of the questions and I added two of mine.

      • What sort of music do you like to listen to?
      • Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?
      • What is your favorite quote about music?
      • Who is your favorite singer/musician?
      • Who is your favorite songwriter/composer?
      • What is one musician or composer you secretly like but won’t admit?
      • If you had to get stuck on a desert island with only three works of music, what would they be?
      • What kind of you music do you dislike?
      • How do you choose your playlist?
      • If you were having a bad day, what music\ musician would you like to listen to.

      Have fun…

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      She Multiplies…

      A woman is an incubator
      God designed the female to be an incubator
      Her whole body is incubation
      An incubator is something that gives life to everything.
      Whatever you give an incubator
      It gives it life then gives it back to you
      Whatever you give an incubator
      It multiples
      Then it gives back to you
      That’s why women must be careful what they listen to
      Who they listen to
      And what they hear
      Because women incubates everything
      If you give a woman a word
      She gives you a sentence back
      If you give her a sentence
      She gives you a paragraph
      If you give her a paragraph
      You are going to get a book
      If you give a woman one sperm
      She’s going to give it life
      Multiply it
      And give you a baby
      You give her a house
      She gives you a home
      Makes it beautiful
      Mutiplies it
      She makes you a beautiful home
      You give her groceries
      She gives you a meal
      You give her frustration
      She multiplies it
      And gives you hell
      A female is an incubator
      That means she receives information
      She expounds it
      And she gives it back to you
      A female never keeps anything
      Incubators do not keep anything
      They may hold it for a while
      But you will eventually get it back
      And it would never come back the way you gave it
      It comes back multiplied
      A woman would be under pressure for twenty years and then one day, all of a sudden, she goes crazy on you
      She curses you and throw stuffs at you
      She incubates everything
      So if you give a woman gossip
      You know when the bible talks about gossip
      It usually refers to the female
      Why is it that a woman destroys with her mouth?
      Because a woman keeps multiplying stuffs
      So women if you want to be a good wife
      Make sure you receive the right stuff
      Because whatever you receive
      You are going to multiply it
      And you are going to give it to your husband
      So if you are on the phone talking all day to a woman who’s divorced and you are not
      If you are talking all day to women whose marriages ain’t working all the time
      And they are talking to you
      They are going to get into your womb
      And then your husband comes back
      And you start speaking negative things
      And suspicious things to your husband
      When in fact you’ve been receiving that junk from your friend on the phone.
      No wonder why, Peter said, women be like Sarah, live a quiet life, don’t be noisy, don’t be gossips
      You’re an incubator
      You produce what you listen to.”

      * * *

      This words were sent to me by a friend through a Digital Grace…Be inspired video. I liked it a lot, so I shared it. To me, this words are true and i see a lot of it happing around me.