It takes courage…

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Life isn’t easy. It isn’t chocolate and candies, it isn’t spice and sparkles. Thing dont always work out the way we plan. We make plans but sometimes they fall apart. The average person work all day trying to make earns meets. Trying to provide for his family. Trying to meet up to expectations. Some of us glam up our lives on social media but in reality we work very hard to get by.

Its hard to follow your dreams in a country with a bad economic situation. That suck out the life of the citizens and give little back. It’s really hard to follow dream when it all seems like the odds are against us.

It takes a lot of courage for us to rise up to be something different. It takes a lot of courage to still pursue our dreams and ambitions no matter the stones life throws out us. It takes a lot courage to pursue who we want to be. It takes lot of courage to try to be more than ordinary. It takes a lot of courage not to give up. It takes courage to trust in God’s purpose for us even if we are not entirely sure what it is.

Hope is something you give yourself, when you are in despair.
That’s the meaning of inner strength “

I hope we find this courage.

What Defines You?

” All of us have our little problems and insecurities. I’m no different. Back in high school when I used to feel insecure about something, I would console myself with two thoughts: I’m pretty, and my parents love me. Between those two, I could survive anything.
   Since then I’ve come to understand how little the former matters, and how bitterly the latter can be tested. What’s left then? Nothing about our appearance or who loves or hates us. Nothing about our brainpower—which, like beauty, is an unearned gift of
genetics—nor even anything about what we say.
   It’s our actions that define us. What we choose. What we resist. What we’re willing to die for.”

Karen Marie Morning



I apologise if you think the post too short, I am really busy with work so my mind is kind of a blank space. But you know what they say ‘its not all about the length but the content.’

Love (not) at first sight?

Love at first sight is a common theme in many bestsellers – movies, books, music. Where two characters meet for the first time and then there’s that earth-shattering attraction when both of their eyes meet, they hold hands and soon enough they start declaring eternal and undying love for each other.

That is just unreal.
If love was that easy, then our society wouldn’t have been filled with broken hearts and messed up marriages.

Love grows, it’s seeing your partners flaws and accepting their imperfections, so how is it possible to fall in love when you know little or nothing about the person.

You know what I think happens?

At first sight, you might be attracted to the person physical looks, but later on you might get revolted by his/her character.
Or you might share a connection with the person most times because you both share the same interest.
And sometimes there are people you meet for the first time and you just like them, probably because of their charisma.

How many people around us have mistaken lust for love at first sight?
A lot of people try creating their day dreams but mess it up into a nightmare.

Am not an expert in relationships or anything but I see people searching for comparability, companionship, understanding… and then fall in love.

So maybe something happens at first sight but is it love?