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Your Routine Needs That First Step (Jogging)

Your routine needs that first steps and a few more; it’s all about keeping fit.

so I officially started classes in uni about a month ago and in all the rush of trying to adjust to the school system, I abandoned my fitness routine. In my new year resolutions post published January, one of my resolution was to stick to a fitness routine, so you could say I was feeling a tragic about the whole thing.

During the course of the temporary hostel accommodation, my roommates have been cool. I talked with them and they were all excited about the whole fitness thing. We planned on jogging and we fixed it for saturdays early mornings because it’s a morning free class day for all of us.

For the first two weeks (saturdays) procrastination kicked in and we found excuses not to go. it was pretty funny because every day of the week, we would hype idea of us jogging, tell people about it and on saturday; it’s a different story.

Fortunately last saturday, the spell was broken and we all went jogging early that morning. we started from our hostel all the way to the school’s main gate; back and forth and we spent about 40 minutes. 5am-6am, we decided to go pretty early because we didn’t want anyone to back out. it was pretty fun and we did it again sunday morning

Now when you are about to start a new exercise you are going to get all excited, your adrenaline is all over place and you would push yourself really far you won’t realise. First thing first, if you’re are just starting out make sure to take it slow and easy.
When you start jogging for the very first time, you feel aches. You don’t feel it while jogging most times but hours after the exercise or the next day. Now this can be scary for beginners and the first thing that comes to your mind is to give up. here’s why you shouldn’t;

• Soreness after a good day work out is totally normally especially if you are just starting a new routine or increasing your physical intensity and it’s a sign that your body is adjusting to your physical routine. I did a bit of research on it and its called delay onset musle soreness [DOMS] you read more about it here

• You have a goal. Now when you start a routine, you aim to achieve something so why give up so easily. There’s nothing like determination, with it comes perseverance and with it  comes the willingness to go on.

• Plus you don’t have to do it everyday if you are just starting out.  Once every two or three days in a week is fine but whatever schedule you decided on for your routine, try as much to keep to it.

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I Don’t Have A Talent?

During the course of conversation, I’ve come in contact with younger people who say or rather think that they don’t have a talent. Do you know that’s like saying you have no intelligence? And everyone is gifted with different types and levels of intelligence. It’s biologically proven. In a previous post I wrote about the different levels of intelligence. You can read all about it here . Knowing exactly what your intelligence is, is a huge step to discovering what your talents are and possible future ambition.
Everyone is endowned in a diverse areas, what makes a difference is that some have already discovered theirs while others are still in the discovery route. Here are a few tips to help you on this discovering road and so you can have a successful journey. If you are reading and you probably already unlucky your hidden gems, do not leave just yet. You might just know a love one who needs this.

1. Ask people around:

Parents ~ It is the duty of every responsible parent to know what their child loves doing most. Talk to your parents. If you having a hard time asking them, then maybe its time for you to seriously sit them down and talk with them.

Siblings and friends you trust ~ They are the people who spend a lot of time with you and definitely know you to a great extent.

Professionals ~ This comes in form of your teachers at school or at church. Also your guidance counsellor.

With all the answers, it really could be an eye opener to all the things about yourself you haven’t realised yet.

Learn something new and develop your creativity

2. Try New Things: How would you know if you are a natural with the Paino if you never take lessons. During the holidays, summer break, try something new, learn – fashion designing, shoe making, graphic design, hair weaving, catering, lots more. Discover and it helps you find what captures your interests more. It is also a great way to develop and improve your creative self.

Even if you feel you have discovered your talents, learning new things should still be an option. Think of the parable of the talents, one had two and after investing and developing he got two more. There’s no limit to how many things you can be good at.

Knowing exactly what your intelligence is, is a huge step to discovering what your talents are and possible future ambition.

3. Pray: Prayers should not be limited to thanksgiving and ordering fire to burn your enemies to ashes.
There’s more to it than that. Prayer is communication. When you feel that the road to discovering yourself is bleak, then its high time you went into your closest and talk to God to reveal all the wonderful and amazing gifts He has deposited in you during your creation.

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Levels Of Intelligence (more than maths and english)

Hey guys,
Long time, no see right? For the past few weeks, I’ve been in this phase where its like I’ve lost all enthusiasm and I can’t get myself to do anything and at the same time I feel very overwhelmed. I miss blogging and I’m thankful to all my followers for sticking with me.

* * *

Last week in Church, I had the opportunity of learning something new and the other day, I was watching a Korean series (School 2017) where the main character Eun Ho and some other students are discriminated against by the teachers and school authority because they are at the bottom of the class in terms of grade. The thing is, Eun Ho might not be so good academically but she’s very talented at drawing. Her drawings are real. She plans to enter College by winning a drawing/webtoon competition. The unfortunate thing is that her teachers do not realise nor appreciate it.

Most times, students’ intelligence are judged by how good they are academically. In Nigeria and in many countries of the world, you have to get at least a C in mathematics and English or your O’level result is null and void. Lately, I’ve learnt there so much more to intelligence than that.

According to the American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener, there are nine levels of intelligence

1. Linguistic Intelligence: This is the ability or the talent to put words together.
Some people has that ability to speak eloquently, even in the midst of people.

2. Mathematical / Logistical Intelligence: Everyone has or had that classmate who seem to know all the answers to every math equation.That’s the perfect example of someone with this sort of intelligence.

3. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: This is the ability to maneuver your body to music. E.g. Dancing. It’s also the capacity to stay graceful and coordinated when using a range of physical skills and manipulating objects.  E.g surgeons, athletes.

4. Inter-personal intelligence: This has to do with being able to understand another person’s feelings and interact effectively with others.

Leadership comes easy to people with this type of intelligence because understanding people’s motive and being able to effectively communicate is what makes a good leader.

5. Musical Intelligence: To be able to put words together. It’s more than singing, it’s being able to create music. Write songs, play instruments.

6. Naturalistic Intelligence: Also known as nature smart. This refers to human beings sensitivity to the natural world. It’s also seen in the way consumers discriminate between products. This becomes a vital skill for people who end up being chefs and botanist.

7. Spatial Intelligence: This has to with being able to visualise. Like our dear Eun Ho, you can’t draw without visualising. They consider things in third dimension and are highly creative. Also, fashion designing, graphic design, architects, sculptors, painters.

8. Intra-personal Intelligence: This has to do with being able to understand yourself, your feeling, what you want. You ask some students about their future ambition, and it’s like they have it all figured out while some will say ‘They don’t know’. That’s the difference between some one who has intra-personal intelligence and someone who doesn’t.

9. Existential Intelligence: To be able to understand and explain to a large extent why we are here on earth, the meaning of life, why we die.

Understanding these levels of intelligence, helps you discover what your talents are.

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More Than Just Competing

Competition has a way of bringing out the best in us. We get to see how good we are, because we are made to face different persons with different sort of training, in an unfamiliar environment. It helps us to improve, because we really get to see our weak points and it get us challenged.

There are a lot of competitive platforms opening up here and there, but there are a still lot of us who refuses to participate and put ourselves out there. Bringing the question, why?

So in the last weeks, the teachers in my church announced that ten teenagers would be needed to participate in a Bible Quiz competition with teens from other churches and Christian denominations. At the same time representing the church over there. When this was first announced, there were no willing volunteers.

We’re afraid to try.

A lot of persons tells my elder sister to go for modelling competition and pageantry. Still, my sister is reluctant and once I asked her why and she said “What if I spend a lot of efforts and money and then I don’t win?”

A lot of persons are afraid to try for many reasons and mostly because they fear failing. They are afraid of disappointing themselves and others.

So for this quiz competition, a friend of mine told she wasn’t sure she would  participate because the last time she went on something like it, she didn’t come out successful and let her team down. That bringing another reason, ‘the fear of trying again’. 

You make a lot of mistakes and all the time, the most High God forgives you and gives you another chance. So who are you not to give yourself a second chance? Why would you let that single event bring you down?

Don’t think of it as losing but as an improvement exercise, because you’ve learnt something new.

In every competition, some one has to win and others, lose. If this help; don’t think of it as losing but as an improvement exercise, because you’ve learnt something new.

The truth is, even if we don’t admit it, there are competitions every where – in our work, school, business. Some one else is aiming for that position you are working hard to get. You have a classmates who wants to best you.

 What Helps?

A lot of things; amazing self esteem, working hard, preparedness but mostly, having God in your life. When you have God in your life, letting Him be the Lord of your life, you discover things aren’t so hard with Him.

2 Timothy 1:7 says ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’

God gives us the boldness to express ourselves and the strength to excel.

So next time when a competitive platform arises be it singing, writing, dancing, quizzes, scholarships, anything at all and you start getting doubts, feeling unsure and uncertain, remember to talk to God, tell Him to take control, then you’ll feel those tangles of fears and insecurities begin to disperse.

* * *

This is it for today. I do hope you liked it. Make sure to tell me what you think about anything and every thing. Also a quick apology, for taking a while to reply some of your comments. Been a bit busy but please still them coming.  



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Bad Days

We all have one of those days that it seems nothing we do turns out right. Even when we try it’s like the universe is screwing with us.

That particular day when you’re hungry and you decided to cook, only for you to get distracted for a bit and end up burning the food. You try cooking again but discovered you are out of groceries and cash. So you decided to go to the nearest ATM but so it happened that everyone chose that day to withdraw, as you meet a long queue and have no option but to wait in line on an empty stomach.

That day when you walk to class and something happens to make your dress to get torn in not the most convenient of places, only for the lecturer not to show up at the end.

Or the day you decide to wear a white dress out but got stained because your period decided to visit early.

Then you feel really down and it likes it can’t get better and nothing can cheer you up. Well here are some tips that could really help lift your spirits on those days…

1. Read a Book: Some of you are probably thinking “That would be the last thing on my mind”. I still stand on my point. Books have a way of pulling you into elsewhere but on a bad day, I’ll say opt for a light read or a comedy or your favorite book. Personally I can’t read anything with a serious theme on those kind of days, so I go with something light, mostly a Sophie Kinsella book. It helps cheer me up.

2. Watch a Movie: Watching a movie is a really good distraction from the stress of a bad day.

3. Talk to Someone: No matter what you the do, nothing seem to work out right today . Sometimes talking to a friend about how shitty your day has been is one remedy to help lifts your spirit up. There’s nothing like letting all the stress out.

4. It’s okay to cry: Sometimes when my day just keep stressing me out and I really don’t know what to do. I just go to a corner and cry. Now now, you might think that’s insane. But it’s okay to breakdown, you can’t always be on top of the situation on all times. As long as you know that when you do stand up, you are 100% on your feet.

5. Give yourself a treat: You’ve been having a horrning,  give yourself a treat – you deserve. It probably wasn’t on your budget. Have fun. Make yourself feel better.

6. Turn on your playlist: If you’ve done your research, you would know music is like a balm to the soul, it soothens the mind and an amazing form of therapy. Okay a lot of us know this. So what the heck. What better way to lift your spirit on one of those days, than playing your favorite songs. 

7. Pray: This is the last on my list but by no means the least. A friend of mine one told me that when she’s having a bad day, she prays. She talks to God in prayers and asks Him to have mercy on her if there’s anyway she had sinned that is making her day not go right and that He should take control. Her statement really got to me. The thing is, as human beings, we feel so busy that we leave God out in the lurch of things. When we sleep we have no idea what happens to us. We are clueless like unconscious. There are perfectly healthy persons who had passed away in their sleeps. But God in His mercy woke us up this morning, and we bother to utter one word of gratitude but think it’s perfect to blame Him when things start going wrong. It’s not good enough.

Do you find any of this tips helpful to you? Any you want to add? I love to know what you think about everything and anything.

Bad Days shouldn’t stay bad.

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Stage Fright – lets flush it down the drain.

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Stage fright is a problem that is found among the rich, poor, fat, thin, good looking and bad looking alike, so it really is a problem that doesn’t respect status, or gender. It doesnt mind whether you are the daughter of a pastor, or an usher, or you got cash in your pocket. Whether at home or in a podium. *STAGE FRIGHT DOESN’T CARE. ALL IT CARES ABOUT IS TO DISGRACE YOU AT EVERY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY IT HAS.*
Stage fright is very common among singers, keyboardists, pianists, teachers and a lot of others. It affects all profession that has to do with facing crowds or becoming the spot light.
Stage fright is a situation whereby one is afraid to sing, play, stand, talk or seat in front of a little or large audience or simply defined, it’s the refusal to be the spot light in any place and at any time.

The signs that follow stage fright are:
*1.* Loud and fast heart beat while singing or talking before an audience.
*2.* Visible vibration/tension in the body while standing, singing, acting or playing an instrument before an audience.
*3.* Stammering or stuttering voice while singing, acting, playing an instrument, standing or talking before an audience.
 Have you once noticed that after practicing a piece in your closet perfectly for hours you will go out there and discover you can’t even play or sing it again, sometimes your fingers start shaking on it’s own or sometimes you will just completely forget the lines.


1.* The best way to overcome your fears is to learn to face your fears. Stop avoiding crowds rather start looking for such opportunities.

2.* Believe in yourself. If you continue to feel you are incapable because you are not the best then you might never grow out of stage fright. You don’t need to be the best singer, or instrumentalist, all you need do is believe in yourself.

3.* Train yourself into perfection. In order to be confident enough to face crowds you need to train yourself to the point where you can look at yourself and say, ”I can really sing”, ”I have a good voice”, ”I can really play this drums”, ” now I can play this keyboard”. Untill you are good enough in your own eyes you will never be confident enough to face even that small crowd.

4.* Stop trying to be a perfectionist. You need to know that there’s nothing wrong in making mistakes. You need to also be able to accept the possibility of you making mistakes. Perfect people are not those that have never failed but those that refuse to let their failures make them failures by not stoping right where they failed.

5.* Stop seeing your audience as your enemies who are looking out for your mistakes but smile and relate with them looking into their eyes as friends and family members.

6.* Don’t try to hide your physical faults, rather accept your faults. And don’t focus now on what people think about it, but focus rather on what God says about it.

7.* Focus on your strength and abilities, not on your weaknesses. In order words, when ever you want to face the crowd try not to do what you are not good at, but rather on what you are good at.

*8.* Stop imagining yourself failing rather start to imagine yourself making impact into the lives of your audience.
Not about the mistakes you made, but about how the little part you got transformed and blessed someone out there in the audience. This should be our focus.

9.* Stop scaring yourself with thoughts of what might go wrong rather think about things that are re-assuring, about how some one would be blessed as a result of your ministration.

10.* Never depend on drugs to help reduce tension rather learn to create a communicating relationship with your audience first of all by laughing and playing with ur audience like you would do to your friends before telling them something.

11.* Always spend lots of time to prepare very well before climbing the stage.

12.* Visualize your success and if you are born again, you should be confident in the fact that you have God dwelling in you. Knowing that it’s not by power nor by might but by His spirit.

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Are you one of those persons that when told to speak or perform in front of an audience, end up saying things like “I can’t. I have stage fright.” You sing perfectly in your bedroom but tell yourself you can’t do it in front of anyone else . Ever heard the saying “Fear kills first.”
The thing is we keep limiting ourselves when we tell ourselves ‘we can’t.’ I see a lot of talented persons, friends, that don’t get noticed, that keeps hiding in their shells because they keep looking down at them selves, they don’t believe in themselves, they let fear overwhelmed them, they keep telling themselves things like, ‘I’m not meant for the crowd.’

Who tells you, you have stage fright? No one. You tell yourself that and if you keep on with it, that’s how it’s going to be.

You see someone get on that stage and perform and you know you can do better. You look at that person with longing because deep in your heart, you want to be the one on that stage but you let the fear of failing, of not doing well enough keep you down.

You have to try. You have to push yourself. Its hard, yes. Try first by thinking positive, saying ‘ I can.’ ‘I’ll try my best’.

One thing to note: Practice makes perfect.

There is no magic, the only way to get rid of stage fright is to get on the stage.