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Anything But Books Tag

Hey guys,
I have been nominated to do this tag by my newest book friend, Taiwo @

Stuffed shelves . Do check out her blog, she’s great at what she does.

Let’s get to it.

Name A Cartoon that you love

Hmmm, where do I start?

I love Ben10, Avatar:Legend of Aang, the Bakugan series, Justice League, Young Justice, Barbie series mostly because of the songs.

What’s your favourite song right now?

Crossover by Travis Greene. Currently loving that.

What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?


What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised out?

I don’t know. It’s a pretty tricky questions. I love a good gist with friends.

What is your favourite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

I love to learn the way people live in other countries.

What is something usual you know how to do?

I can make hand bracelets with baby rubber bands.

Name something you have made in the last year.

I’ve written a book. It’s not published yet or anything like that. More like, tucked in my wardrobe till I find the right opportunity.

What is your most recent personal project?

My blog. I’m working on it. Trying to make it better and stuffs.

Tell us something that you think of often

Being interviewed. Because I would be pretty popular and everyone would be curious about what I’m up to and my next move.

Tell us something that is your favourite but make it oddly specific

The Shopaholic series. That’s oddly specific, right?

So I tag,


Shards of barns

the orangutan librarian

Blogger girl

Red Confidential

[Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag if you already have or simply don’t want to ]

* * *

Thanks to everyone who viewed my first article on the Pulse Bloggers Community. There’s a new one up.

What’s scares you the most when you decide to put yourself out there? What’s the best part of being yourself.


Being yourself is as scary as it it is fulfilling. Read all about it here.

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Bad Days

We all have one of those days that it seems nothing we do turns out right. Even when we try it’s like the universe is screwing with us.

That particular day when you’re hungry and you decided to cook, only for you to get distracted for a bit and end up burning the food. You try cooking again but discovered you are out of groceries and cash. So you decided to go to the nearest ATM but so it happened that everyone chose that day to withdraw, as you meet a long queue and have no option but to wait in line on an empty stomach.

That day when you walk to class and something happens to make your dress to get torn in not the most convenient of places, only for the lecturer not to show up at the end.

Or the day you decide to wear a white dress out but got stained because your period decided to visit early.

Then you feel really down and it likes it can’t get better and nothing can cheer you up. Well here are some tips that could really help lift your spirits on those days…

1. Read a Book: Some of you are probably thinking “That would be the last thing on my mind”. I still stand on my point. Books have a way of pulling you into elsewhere but on a bad day, I’ll say opt for a light read or a comedy or your favorite book. Personally I can’t read anything with a serious theme on those kind of days, so I go with something light, mostly a Sophie Kinsella book. It helps cheer me up.

2. Watch a Movie: Watching a movie is a really good distraction from the stress of a bad day.

3. Talk to Someone: No matter what you the do, nothing seem to work out right today . Sometimes talking to a friend about how shitty your day has been is one remedy to help lifts your spirit up. There’s nothing like letting all the stress out.

4. It’s okay to cry: Sometimes when my day just keep stressing me out and I really don’t know what to do. I just go to a corner and cry. Now now, you might think that’s insane. But it’s okay to breakdown, you can’t always be on top of the situation on all times. As long as you know that when you do stand up, you are 100% on your feet.

5. Give yourself a treat: You’ve been having a horrning,  give yourself a treat – you deserve. It probably wasn’t on your budget. Have fun. Make yourself feel better.

6. Turn on your playlist: If you’ve done your research, you would know music is like a balm to the soul, it soothens the mind and an amazing form of therapy. Okay a lot of us know this. So what the heck. What better way to lift your spirit on one of those days, than playing your favorite songs. 

7. Pray: This is the last on my list but by no means the least. A friend of mine one told me that when she’s having a bad day, she prays. She talks to God in prayers and asks Him to have mercy on her if there’s anyway she had sinned that is making her day not go right and that He should take control. Her statement really got to me. The thing is, as human beings, we feel so busy that we leave God out in the lurch of things. When we sleep we have no idea what happens to us. We are clueless like unconscious. There are perfectly healthy persons who had passed away in their sleeps. But God in His mercy woke us up this morning, and we bother to utter one word of gratitude but think it’s perfect to blame Him when things start going wrong. It’s not good enough.

Do you find any of this tips helpful to you? Any you want to add? I love to know what you think about everything and anything.

Bad Days shouldn’t stay bad.

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The Music Tag

Ever heard the saying “music is life”, am sure we all have. I think one of the things everyone in the world has in common is the love of music, the only thing that varies is the type of music we prefer to listen. Dont will all just love sitting in a couch and listening to that crazy jam that makes us tap our feet and shake our heads. So I am participating in the music tag hosted by
katrin @ – my cup of English tea

The Questions

  • What sort of music do you like to listen to?

I listen to a lot of music, most times I choose them by the lyrics. If I like the story in the words. However, I would say pop, gospel, a bit of rock.

  • Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?

I don’t for now but I would really love to learn to play the piano \ keyboard.

  • What is your favorite quote about music?

 Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” – Victor Hugo.

  • Who is your favorite singer/musician?

I really can pick one and most times  it isn’ t about the musicians to me but the songs they sing, so I will say I love  a lot of Travis Greene and Hezekiah Walker songs, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, the chainmokers (am crazy about their music), Little Mix, Sia, a bit of Katy Perry.

  • Who is your favorite songwriter/composer?

I don’t really have one. I don’t listen to classical music

  • What is one musician or composer you secretly like but won’t admit it?
  • Hmmm, am really open about my music preferences.

    • If you had to get stuck on a desert island with only three works of music, what would they be?

    Probably a lot of Travis Greene and Sia

    • What kind of you music do you dislike?                                                Hip hop and rap songs that talk about nothing much but sex, drugs and sex. But I am cool with rap on a normal ground.

    So that’s its, your turn guys, I nominate everyone who listen to a song in the last two days (probably everyone).

    Tag me and link back to this post, display the music tag image, and nominate as many people as you’d like. If you want you can also add more questions.

    Here are a recap of the questions and I added two of mine.

    • What sort of music do you like to listen to?
    • Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?
    • What is your favorite quote about music?
    • Who is your favorite singer/musician?
    • Who is your favorite songwriter/composer?
    • What is one musician or composer you secretly like but won’t admit?
    • If you had to get stuck on a desert island with only three works of music, what would they be?
    • What kind of you music do you dislike?
    • How do you choose your playlist?
    • If you were having a bad day, what music\ musician would you like to listen to.

    Have fun…