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Versatile Blogger Award #3

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Happy 😊 New Month to everyone. Have you started making plans for it, I haven’t but I will. I’m wishing everyone the best of November. So it seems like I’m starting this month with an award tag. Yea!!!

A big thank you 😊 to

Amy Eliza Loves for nominating me. Girl, you are the best. Please do check out her blog, she’s a great writer.


. Thank the person who nominated you
. Link back your posts to their blog.
. Share seven random facts about yourself.
. Nominate other (15) bloggers.

So here we go:

1. I’m the kind of person who spends a while in the market because I’m trying buy at the cheapest rate.

2. When I was younger, I had a book where I wrote down the lyrics of every Barbie songs I knew and any other catchy songs I hear, in.

3. I would never substitute chatting on whatsapp to calling me, as the same thing. I feel when you call me, you did actually thought of me.

4. I haven’t read half the books in my TBR shelf and it keeps growing more and more, I try not to let it overwhelm.

5. I have met a lot of people and have friends who don’t understand why I read so much and some call me weird for it. The thing I don’t even bother to explain myself.

6. I do think I’m a really easy going person until someone crosses their boundaries.

7. I’m still searching for a really good series to start. So anyone with suggestions, I would really appreciate.

So I’m nominating;





Love is confusing

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Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag if you already have or simply don’t want to.

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Liebster Blogger Award. #3

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No matter how many times, it always feel really nice when someone notices your blog.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Keda @ Kedawithani for the nomination. She’s an amazing writer and her blog is one of kind, do check it out.

For the rules and more of the liebster blogger award, click here

Random facts about myself.

1. I’m aware that I can be difficult.

2. I don’t really like sugary food/snacks.

3. According to popular opinion, I’m weird but I don’t care, at all.

4. I over think, even to make the tiniest of  decisions, like what to wear.

5. Most times, I prefer reading a good book than talking to people and socializing.

6. I always do my best to be top in class, no swimming in average for me.

7. I really don’t have a lot of interest in watching movies unless it’s really really good. So I’m open to suggestions of mind-blowing and thrilling movies/ series. And don’t mention the Game of Thrones. Though I would want to know when the season 8, is starting.

8. I love fashion though I’m terrible at it.

9. I lose interest in things easily.

10. I don’t play games, I used too, a lot but I’ve totally lost all interest.

 Keda’s questions.
My answers

1. What’s the most exciting you did this week?

I doubt I did any exciting this week, since I was home by myself through this week.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A lot of things and it all round up to one thing, I want to be on Tv. I want to make money. Probably  as a tv/radio personality. Or probably being interviewed for my book. Maybe as an actress. I would also like to work in publishing.

3. What’s the worst lie you have ever told?

I can’t remember.

4. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

5. Is the glass half full or empty?

I left those last two questions unanswered  because I have to idea how to answer them.

My Questions:

1. What place would you like to visit at least once in your life and why?

2. When was the last time you felt like you wanted to disappear?

3. If you could have dinner with three persons, living or dead, who would they be.

4.  What’s your current favourite movie?

5. How do you manage your work/studies and blogging time?

6. What book would you never get tired of reading?

7. To you, what’s the closest thing to real magic to you?

8. What’s that thing you won’t ever give up on?

For this award, I am nominating bloggers who just joined  my community and some I haven’t. I really appreciate you guys. Though I’m not so familiar with some, but I’ve read a few of their posts and they are real good.
Here it goes:

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Kristin @kristinkravesbooks

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Looking forward to your answers.

Have a lovely week.